A Choice to Heal Documentary

In partnership with the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), Ross-Campbell created a television documentary that reported on California's network of mental health Prevention & Early Intervention (PEI) programs.  These programs, developed by the 2004 statewide mental health initiative Proposition 63, are saving lives. The half-hour program, hosted by Mental Health Activist/Actor Mariel Hemingway, also focused on reducing stigma by encouraging people to seek treatment for mental illness like any other medical condition. Ross-Campbell's producers took their cameras and crews to locations throughout the state to capture very personal stories. Geographically and culturally diverse in every way, the documentary profiled people from the primarily Latino neighborhood of Huntington Park in Southern California to the Castro 

Mariel Hemingway

District in San Francisco. It also looked at the pervasive homeless problem impacting mentally ill people across the state. Native Americans provided a rare glimpse into traditional healing during a Fresno Well-briety Circle and in Sacramento, a young man found a UC Davis recovery program that gave him his life back. Innovative Alameda County provided insight into PTSD facing Afghan refugees in Fremont and how Prop 63 support services are making a difference. Representing the rich diversity of California, A Choice to Heal educates viewers about available resources and shows how Prevention & Early Intervention programs are making a difference – offering hope for people and families impacted by mental illness. The documentary aired on CBS.

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