Brain Emergency Television Documentary

Nearly everywhere – someone personally knows of or has heard about an individual who has suffered a cerebral aneurysm. Yet, few people are aware of what it is or what the warning signs are.

Brain Emergency educates the public about cerebral aneurysm, treatment, prognosis and state-of-the-art research. This compelling half-hour documentary incorporates powerful story-telling that alerts viewers to the facts that could save lives. Read more...

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Kaity TongThis documentary is hosted by popular New York television news anchor Kaity Tong and California Neurologist Dr. Rick Atkinson. Together, the two cover this important medical topic from coast-to-coast.

Millions of Americans are walking around with silent brain aneurysms. About 30,000 of those will rupture and about half of those patients will die. Women between the ages of 35 and 60 are most at risk. While men are also profiled, the documentary Brain Emergency focuses on several women in this age group who have suffered brain aneurysms.

Knowing the warning signs is imperative. Brain Emergency, through interviews with aneurysm survivors and medical experts, reveals the warning signs. The program investigates new, sophisticated medical procedures being used to treat patients. It also examines the latest detection methods and follow-up treatments.

Still image from the television documentary Brain EmergencyRisk factors include medical family history, high blood pressure, and tobacco use. Some of those risk factors are directly related to lifestyle choices that can be modified through healthy eating, exercise and smoking cessation. Getting the word out to the public-at-large is key.

Awareness – educating the public about the signs and symptoms of brain aneurysm and effective prevention strategies – that’s the ultimate goal of Brain Emergency.