Driving a Better California: Air Quality Regulations


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Driving a Better California - John LobertiniThe air we breathe. Ross-Campbell, Inc. teamed up with the California Air Resources Board (ARB) to produce the half-hour television documentary Driving A Better California. The program focuses on truckers and the integral role they play in cleaning up the air we breathe. The 2014 documentary educated viewers about new regulations impacting big rigs, other diesel trucks, and buses. Ross-Campbell conducted extensive research for the program and its production team collected poignant interviews with truckers, revealing that drivers are complying with new regulations in order to continue working while also ensuring healthy air for everyone – especially our kids. Truckers deliver about 80% of goods consumed in this country. The Ross-Campbell team successfully deciphered and conveyed complicated ARB regulations in ways that made sense to viewers through use of powerful storytelling. The common theme throughout the broadcast was better air for all Californians and future generations. Viewers heard directly from truckers and their families that regulation compliance presented challenges but also triumphs. Ultimately – Driving a Better California showed the public that truckers are doing their part to protect the air we breathe. The program aired on CBS televisions stations statewide.