Regional Recycling Group Recycle Used Oil & Filters Television Spots

Recycle Used Oil & Filters Television Spot

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Recycle Used Oil & Filters Television Spot The Northern California Regional Recycling Group (RRG) is a collaboration of Northern California cities, counties and other public agencies working together on waste reduction and recycling efforts through a variety of media campaigns that promote personal action and behavior change. The RRG cities and counties collectively create outreach campaigns to promote waste reduction, while avoiding duplication and purchasing regional media at a fraction of the costs individual jurisdictions would have paid for equal media outreach. The cities and counties contribute funds that pay for regional media buys, jointly organized events, as well as the development of outreach materials, guides, booklets, publications and other educational tools. The Regional Used Oil Campaign conducted by the RRG takes place each year from mid June through late August, with over 30 jurisdictions taking part. The campaign included television spots focusing on used oil recycling, filter recycling, and extending oil change intervals: Click here to visit